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Have your own character or a character of your choice made into a small, 1" - 2" phone charm! (Exact size varies with composition of image.)

This is a two part process:
First, I will draw the designated character in SD form for you digitally. You will approve the image before the next step.
Second, I will print, hand-cut and bake the design into a phone strap design. The strap will be glazed to make it weather-proof, and then two (2) copies of the charm and 2 lariats will be mailed to you via First Class Mail.

You will also be sent the PSD for the charm via email, so that you can make more if you'd like. (As long as you don't mass produce them.)

Hand-made charms, unlike mass-produced ones, have a textured surface from the glaze and acrylic. They are also about 20% thinner.

[[[NEW]]] - Charm commissions can now be customized with additional Add-Ons, such as extra copies past the provided 2, or multi-sectional charms! Please see the 'Custom Charm Add-Ons' listing for additional details!

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